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FBLA Speech: Competitive Events Jonah Cilenti 8th

Hi my name is Jonah Cilenti I am thirteen and am an eighth grader at South Sumter Middle School. I have been a member of FBLA for two years. Today I am here to talk to you about the amazing organization titled FBLA and what goals are key to have a successful future in the business field. Future Business Leaders of America is an organization designed to enhance business skills in students seeking careers in business fields and as business professionals.

My first point to consider is the aggression you have to show when working beside others. In the business field there are going to be many challenges much greater than the competitive events we participate in today. In the business field you have to be aggressive. There are many careers where you may have to compete with others to get what you want and where you want to be.
In order to accomplish your goals, aggression is the key especially in most situations especially for business like accomplishments. Not only do you have to be competitive in the business field but you have to take pride in what you do. Even if you make a mistake, don’t show it just fix the mistake and keep moving forward. This strategy is called confidence. And it too is a key strategy to possess if your boss knocks on your door, relax and know that you got this.

Not only do you have to have confidence in your work and your abilities, you have to do it with enthusiasm. you have to walk around on and off the job with a smile on your face. This enthusiasm will come in handy especially when you have a prominent position over other coworkers. Your mood can affect others around you and if you make it fun for them they will not want any other job but this one.
You have to pick a job that you like. Not only will your job depend on you but it will also depend on others. You need to make wise decisions in seeing what outcomes does your job produce, does it help for the improvement of home, or does it help yours and other businesses and does it benefit the community. There are many community service projects you can help out with even at the young age of thirteen, these volunteered jobs can help you prepare for the business world.

Not only will your job help the community but it will also help your country. Our country America stands for pride, integrity, obedience, patriotism and many other things. So what you do in your specific line of duty can and will affect everything around you. Take pleasure in what you do and strive for even greater accomplishments that are being asked of you.

The economy really takes a toll on many Americans during tough times. It is hard for me to try to preserve my money spending it on all the little unnecessary things that I just want. Even though I do not have a job or have to pay college tuition or the bills yet, I still think that saving money is what’s best for everyone. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t spend any money but you have to conserve it for as long as you can.

Many scholarships are offered at any school levels. Collage is expensive you should always strive