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1. Citations /15 (min of 2 sources) Tiffany DeLise
2. Paraphrase/Summary/Quote /15 (one of each needed) 6th hour
3. Development /60 11/2/14
4. Complete sentences /10 Rags to Riches He is most teenage girls heartthrob for his good looks and amazing acting skills. His career is successfully increasing as he has already been nominated for many Oscar nominees. He has been starred in very famous movies such as “The Titanic” and “The Great Gatsby”, he is Leonardo Dicaprio. Leonardo is one of the biggest movie stars in the world; however, most people do not know he started off as a poor, young boy. Leonardo’s childhood was exposed to drugs, crime, prostitution, and violence because of the neighborhood he lived in near Hollywood Boulevard. His parents were divorced so it was even harder for him and his mother, whom he lived with. Leonardo told Los Angeles Times “I grew up very poor and I got to see the other side of the spectrum” (“Leonardo DiCaprio Early Childhood” 1). He faced many obstacles with bad influences from the people he lived around. Leonardo’s child life was not easy. One day at the age of 15, Leonardo told his mom he wanted to be an actor and for her to take him to auditions; he wanted to get out of public schooling. After that day both of his parents helped and soon got him signed up with a talent agent who wanted to change his stage name to “Lenny Williams”. He started out as a cast member of the sitcom “Growing Pains”, then to his film debut in “Critters 3” which was a low budget horror movie. After that was when he started to attract movie producers (“Leonardo DiCaprio Biography” 2). His dedication, commitment and talent are what got him to become so successful in his acting career. Once he started starring in bigger movies everyone noticed him. He got to play a lead role in the highest grossing movie “The Titanic”, which he made $2,500,000 for (“Leonardo Dicaprio Biography” 3). He has starred in many more movies after and before that making him the successful man he is today. From television commercials to one of the most admired actors in the world, Leonardo DiCaprio continues to become more and more successful everyday. He has won many Academy and Golden Globe Awards, it is