Fcs/304 Task 1

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The professional performances of educators depend upon their ability to use effective teaching methods, assess learning, and to efficiently plan lessons. The main focus of an educator is to develop and implement diverse learning experiences so students can become individuals with the ability to think critically and become effective problem solvers in everyday society. The first artifact that demonstrates performance is a planning sheet from my FACS 304 course where I developed and implemented a learning experience to the Shepherd University Nursery School. It demonstrates my ability to teach pre-school age children about science. The lesson provided students with a hands-on activity that benefitted their content knowledge and permitted me the opportunity to teach students for the first time. WVPTS 1B, 3A, 3F. NETS-T 1A. The second artifact that I chose is a lesson plan I developed for my Education 360 course. The artifact demonstrates my ability to develop a creative and meaningful learning experience based on the students in my classroom. The lesson was created with the universal design of learning in mind; it has components that benefit multiple different learners. It was a lesson plan that helped to add visual and …show more content…
The lesson was carefully planned and constructed to fit the needs of every student in the classroom. The students were expected to collaborate in pairs and answer higher-level thinking question to learn a valuable life lesson connected to social studies. The reflection shows my willingness to collaborate with other teachers both face-to-face and through a phone conference. Through the lesson implementation, I led the students using behavior feedback methods enforced throughout the school. The ST-11 provides evidence of mastery in WVTPS2A, 2D, 2E, 3A, 3C, 4B, 4C, 5C, 5G, 5I; NETS-T