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FCS 250
Cultural & Food Terms
Chapter 15
India and Its Neighbors
Garam Masala- Basic Mixture of spices usually prepared in quantity and used as desired to season many different dishes.
Curry- Hearty and well-seasoned, stew-like dish featuring meat or legumes and served with several accompaniments.
Chutney- Chunky and flavorful sauce often served as accompaniment to curry.
Dal- Puree of lentils or other legumes, usually rather blandly seasoned.
Ghee- Clarified butter that has been cooked down a little to ass flavor; expensive but preferred fat for cooking in India.
Roti- Indian word for bread.
Chapati- Pancake-like grilled whole wheat bread popular in India.
Paratha- Whole wheat bread circles about 7 inches in diameter made with ghee in the dough and fried in ghee on the griddle.
Naan- Oval-shaped whole wheat bread baked by sticking it to the wall of a tandoor.
Tandoor- Thick-walled, deep jar-shaped clay oven used for roasting meats and baking naan.
Puri- Deep-fat fried rounds of whole wheat bread that puff in the middle during frying.
Samosa- Fried pastry enclosing a filing.

FCS 250
Cultural & Food Terms
Chapter 16
Southeast Asia and Its Islands
Vietnam, Cambodia (a lot of mines), Thailand, Laos, Indonesia- (Philippians, and other small islands 13,000 Islands, Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean, Religion is Islam(also in Malaysia))

Myanmar- Early cave dwellers who are native to Burmese
Pagodas and Buddhist are located in this area.
Mons- People native to Burma
Khmers- from Cambodia made contact with the mons. North Thailand they built the city of Sukothian.
Cambodia has mountains on the eastern side. Land Mines-result in amputations.
Angkor Wat- A large temple complex near Siem Reap in northern Cambodia- Principally Buddhist
Laos- Early settlers from China.
Hmong- Mountain people from Northern region.
The Mekong River flows past Luang Prabang in northern Laos goes into South China Sea.
Vietnam- Chinese immigrant, French East India Company. Vietnamese waterways of the Mekong Delta
French Polynesia- French is the main language 14 island
Society Islands
Bora Bora
Immigrants from Vietnam in 5,000 BCE
Immigrants from Malay Peninsula 300 BCE
Islam arrived in the 15th century
Islam- Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern Philippines they celebrate Rami dam
Meats are avoided due to religious observances thus soy is used as a source of protein
Fruits and vegetables are plentiful
Breadfruit, mango, pineapple
Breadfruit- Starchy fruit
Creative uses of spices through the region
Ginger, saffron
Rice- Constant staple
Adobo- Philipian involvement with Spanish chicken and pork mingle with Spanish seasoning.
Congee- Rice gruel often served at breakfast in Southeast Asia.
Nuoc mam- Fermented, salted fish sauce popular in Vietnam.
Nuoc cham- Vietnamese condiment made with chili peppers, citrus juice, garlic, onions, and vinegar.
Nam pla- Fermented fish sauce popular in Thailand.
Kapi- Thai salty, dried shrimp paste.
Bagoong- Fermented, salted shrimp paste popular in the Philippines.
Patis- Fermented, salty fish sauce popular in the Philippines.
Adobo- Filipino stew using meat marinated in vinegar seasoned with bagoong, fried with onions and garlic, and then stewed.
Cocido- Hearty Filipino stew containing a variety of meats, Spanish sausage, chickpeas, saba (sweet cooking bananas), tomato sauce, and lard.
Coconut cream- Pureed and strained creamy liquid prepared from freshly grated white meat of mature pared coconut
Coconut milk- Coconut liquid similar to coconut cream but with more liquid.
Coconut water- Liquid drained from fresh coconut by puncturing its eyes; used as beverage, but not as a cooking ingredient.
Poe (poi)-Starchy Paste of boiled and pounded peeled taro root, popular in Polynesia.

FCS 250
Cultural & Food Terms
Chapter 17
Most populous nation in the world
Covers 4 time zones, but all of China is set to Beijing time
1840 Opium War- British involvement (Quing Dynasty).
Religion is a minor role…