Essay about Fear and Clear Understanding

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PSY101 – D4
NOVEMBER 19, 2012

Abstract Everyone knows that everyone is afraid of something. Everyone should also recognize that phobias are not something to be ashamed of, and that everyone has at least one. But what exactly is phobia? This paper will give a detailed description of what is a phobia and also explain in detail the different types of phobic disorders, along with the causes, symptoms, and treatments of each disorder. At the end, you will have a clear understanding of each disorder and why it is important to seek medical and or professional help, in order to live a productive life.

Phobic Disorders What is phobia? A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person will experience an intense, irrational fear of a situation, object, or activity, that poses no real danger (or whose danger is blown all out of proportion). A phobia will produce a feeling of anxiety that will range anywhere from mild, to downright severe. People with mild symptoms don’t usually worry about it too much because it doesn’t interfere with their day to day activities. People with a severe phobia, however, sometimes have no choice than to seek help. Some phobias, if left un-dealt with, can become so severe that the person won’t even leave their house (U.S. NLM/NIH, 2012).

In my opinion, having a phobia can be a major stress in an individual's life. Constant counselling and treatment of such a disorder is the