Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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The fictional novel, The Lord of the Flies written by William Golding tells the story of small school boys getting stranded in an island with no adult guidance. As these kids attempt to survive, the learn that an organized society is needed for success. However, fear and doubt represented by the pig’s head end up detracting from the goals that the boys strive to achieve. The pig’s head is used as a symbol in order to teach the reader that fear destroys unity and organization needed in a strong political system. The destruction of the unity between the boys is caused by the fear that a beast is on the island. Even though Ralph attempts to unite all of them, fear keeps bringing the boys apart. For instance, Ralph’s assembly on how to continue to survive is quickly interrupted by the fear that “perhaps... the beast is-a ghost” (90) which ends up losing the main focus of the discussion. The fear of the …show more content…
Ralph works hard at trying to keep his system functioning, but the scared kids prove to be a challenge that Ralph cannot control. While building the shelters, Ralph explains that the people “are frightened… they talk and scream”(52). The fear that the group endures reduces the efficiency that the tribe works at but increases the necessity of these goals. In other words, since the tribe is scared they need shelters, but the fear is not allowing the building of the shelters. Ralph is not able to keep a self-sufficient and stable government, thus most kids are”gone to Jack’s party… just for some meat”(148). The kids begin to leave to Jack's tribe because they realize that he will keep them safe and alive. Safety ends up being the quality that everyone is looking for in the island. With Jack, they are not fearful, but with Ralph they are, which ends up in the collapse of Ralph’s attempt at a civilized government. Since Jack provides safety and stability the people end up leaving to his