Fear In Lord Of The Flies Persuasive Essay

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Fear has taken a toll on everyone. Everyone knows what feeling scared is like, whether you want to admit it or not. People take fear in many ways. Fear itself works in so many ways.

Fear can make you hallucinate, get sick, confusion or disorientation. Fear can take control of your body. Honestly, fear can get you killed. In the book, Lord of the Flies, many kids die because others got scared and got violent. The children started to hallucinate and killed each other because they were scared of the beast.

This takes a toll in society today because there are so many people who swore they saw something that spooked them and they got violent. Mainly people who do drugs, like meth or heroine, have random fits of fear. Even old people with dementia or Alzheimer’s
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Some people get violent, some feel isolated, and some people feel just down right scared. Ralph and Piggy stayed calm but they were scared. Jack and his tribe went savage. Some got murdered by Jack’s tribe and some went crazy because of the beast.

Some people let fear control them. They let fear control their whole life whether they were scared to get a job or scared of coming out of their mom’s basement. Fear can take control the way you think. It can drive you to the mental hospital. It can do unimaginable things to you that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Veterans, with PTSD and veterans in general, have gone through fear and go through fear every single day. Soldiers go to war and come back devastated and that hangs onto them the rest of their life because they were scared, because they’ve seen stuff that wouldn’t even be on T.V., they have gone through pain, and they also could’ve been close to dying. Dying is one of my worst fears. These kids never thought about what the other kid was going through. They never thought that, when and if they get rescued, the things that happened will always be with