Fear In My Dreams

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* Character Development Valerie Barrientos * Interesting Plot 11/17/12 * Details Which Portray Fear E Block * Basics: Spelling/Grammar * Introduction Fear in My Dreams I was lost, lost in a strange world with no remembrance of how I got there. I was lying on my back taking everything in; blinking at 100 beats/minute, hoping my eyes were only fooling me, hoping this strange new world would just disappear. When I realized this newfound world wasn’t going away, I started to listen. After convincing myself it was normal for any place to be completely silent, I began to rise from the wet auburn soil, while trying to brush all the debris from my clothes and hair. The ground that I was standing on was damp and covered by broken twigs and dead leaves. A thick web of trees and bushes shot high above my head casting dark shadows all around me. As I walked forward, the trees slowly vanished and sunlight began to pierce my skin with comforting warmth. While stepping into the warmth, I began to hear birds chirping joyfully, the leaves blowing softly through the trees, and the hard crunch of the dead leaves and fallen twigs being smashed beneath my feet. All of a sudden, a shallow silence overtook the growing cheerful noises and the wall of trees and bushes began to surround me again. I was feeling trapped, like a rat in a cage. The wall began to grow from all sides and within only a few moments, the sunlight that had appeared so majestically was gone. My head was spinning as I stood there in utter disbelief; looking, listening, waiting for some sense of hope that seemed would never come. That’s when I heard it; the aggressive rustling of the bushes. Out of nowhere, bright, golden eyes appeared through the dark. They were large and narrow, outlined with a ghostly white, and filled with anger so fierce it left me stone cold. Those eyes left me struck with a grand fear I’d never experienced before. My spine shook with a force large enough to make me wobble. My heart raced against my chest. Goosebumps raced across my skin and into my core turning it to ice. Adrenaline was rushing through my veins as I began to take a few steps backwards. I stopped and stared in shock as the creature revealed itself. It had an all-black coat that seemed to glisten even in the shadows. I stood mesmerized as it prepared itself by stretching each leg and pounding its paws on the ground. After a final forward stretch of its massive body, it let out a tremendous roar that will forever echo in my ears. The monster standing in front of me, staring at me like its next meal ticket, was an animal I’d come to respectfully praise throughout my childhood, a black panther. I was in grave danger with no weapons,