Fear Of The Beast

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FEAR… fear of the beast, fear of each other and fear of no return. Why must we dwell on fear? Why are we encouraging thoughts of terror, violence and chaos? A jolly good island this is! We must not allow these obstacles to lessen the excitement we once had and weaken the bonds formerly developed since arriving here. This meeting has been called to set things straight and bring some order to our lawless lives.

First of all is the beast. This supposedly supernatural character with enormous eyes, piercing teeth and brutal claws cannot harm us. I must repeat myself. THE BEAST CANNOT HARM US! Of course I am sometimes frightened, who would not be? However, I have thought this dilemma through and a sort of realisation has occurred. Although I do not believe such a thing is present on this island, anywhere in fact, if we were to discover this beast remember… We are a group of many. With spears, fire and knowledge our hunters and we, shall protect each other if need be, and fight so that the beast shall cease to exist. No need is there to cower to this side of the island, for the beast has no advantage against us.

Rescue is nothing but a dream until we restore the fire and continue to generate smoke. Is it not clear to you that because the fire was out the ship sailed away? We could be rescued, but you lot of children seem to prefer hunting to home. If someone threw you a rope when you were drowning. If a doctor said take this because if you don’t you will die. You would, wouldn’t you? Can you not see the fire is our rope and our medicine and without it we shall die. It is vital you understand that fire and smoke means rescue, rescue means home. No fire means certain death on this island.

Jack disrespects people, fights and swears at them. Piggy, for example, is constantly subject to Jack’s awful demeanour and the little’uns are clearly not of his concern. It is only a matter of time until he picks on someone else and who knows what he would do to them if he were leader. I believe each person here has a right to share his thoughts and opinions. Jack, however, does not. I understand we are all experiencing our own personal hells whether it be the beast, nightmares, missing home or others. And it is for this very reason that we must overcome these demons together. No longer should people be singled out; we have all struggled and will continue to struggle at some point in this journey. There is a great need to create a sense of equality and respect towards each other and not encourage Jack’s hunger for power and humiliation.

To keep things in order it is necessary to create rules. They should be simple yet effective in their presence. The conch was the first rule introduced and already you lot are