Fear Subsiding Essay

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One event that I’m not so proud to admit occurred when I was in high school. It was the very beginning to a new way of living. Things were much different for me like classes, teachers, but especially the people around me. It was a bit more serious in the sense that people’s words affected others much more than before. So as I grew I learned it was best not to say much, and nobody would bother me at any moment. When in reality it was the exact opposite of what I should have done and spoken out. I had seen in my classroom this one student in particular that was a bit overweight. He sat next to me and I started noticing remarks from the back of the classroom about his weight. When I would look to my side people would mock me to because of this. I became little annoyed and saw it as an inconvenience. It had started to escalate to the point where he was made fun of everyday. I never once tried to speak out in his defense, because of my fear of what other people would say if I did so. As time went on and I was in high school I had later learned that this student was sent to juvenile hall for possession of marijuana. Could I have prevented this from happening if I had just spoken out? Why couldn’t I help a fellow classmate when they needed it most? These thoughts would arise in my head for quite some time. I was angry at myself for failing to understand why I couldn’t say anything about it. I was too fearful of my peers turning against me, but more importantly ashamed for not taking action.
I wanted to do something about it and not let this ever happen again. I had learned that not do anything at all was the worst thing I could have done. So I tried to learn and put myself in their situation. No one knows how that person feels until one puts themselves in their shoes. I no longer tried to care what other people thought about me in those situations. It was easy to just sit there and do nothing or to join in with everyone else taunting at someone. As I tried to help