Fearfully and wonderfully made paper

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Ashley Sawyer
BIO 263

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

“This writing is my work alone. I have not received any unauthorized help with this paper.” _______________________________

Through Dr. Paul Brand book of “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” it has inspired me to go beyond dreams to succeed in any way possible to help other individuals survive as a species, but also what gifts God is giving us to help save ourselves and other individuals throughout time. God is our creator, our path, and our future. God is in charge our lives, and we must follow his path to greatness. God decides what we find and what we can do to help others survive. On Dr. Paul Brand section about “Service” is when it truly made me realize the importance of helping others. When Dr. Paul Brand reflects on his life he learned that greatness not only was working closely with a team, but God’s truth and loving affection for himself and the world made him remember when his worked allowed him to serve another individual, just as God would have. Through his many acts of kindness, Dr. Brand has helped by improved Leprosy patients vision and has saved legs from amputations. Although the most remembered moments of his life would include doing surgeries on patients in primitive areas, on portable tables, in 110 degree Fahrenheit weather, with sometimes very young assistants holding flash lights as the only light source for Dr. Brand to see.
The one patient, named Sadagopan, or Sadan as many called him was Dr. Paul Brand’s project. We say project because Sadan had Leprosy and he had it so badly that he had sores everywhere and was a cast out in society. Even though Sadan was born of an upper-class individual in South India and he was well educated, Leprosy had made him the black sheep of society, and it had taken over his life. Sadan was treated very unruly and overall horrible by other individuals that saw him. He was made fun of and called names constantly. Even places of dining and transportation would not even allow him in the establishments. Dr. Brand explained that when Sadan showed up at the Vellore hospital, he was at his bitter end of refuge. Although Sadan’s neck up looked completely normal the rest of his body had many problems, such as his fingers were paralyzed, and his feet were just raw and mangled looking. Throughout Sadan’s stay with Dr. Brand they both never gave up hope; that someday Sadan’s feet would be fixed and he would walk once again sore free, with no amputation of his feet. Through many trials and tributes and endless trials and error, Dr. Brand and Sadan had finally found hope to save Sadan’s feet, so they would not have to be amputated. Ourselves as individuals go through many trails and tributes and endless trials and errors, but we must endure, because in the end success is gained for our lives and future of not only ourselves but all other individuals in the world. All we have as a society today is time, and thru time there endless miracles arising daily. So make every day count for a new miracle of understanding of the greatness God has put in our hands. Make every moment count. God is our way, our life, and our light.
As we once thought and first discovered that patients with polio, as an epidemic for ourselves as individuals, we have now learned how to prevent and safe millions today. This is one of the most important steps in medical technology that has occurred throughout time. Our medical community as a whole as consistently working harder than ever to advance their technologies of pre-awareness and preventive care daily throughout time to save our species.
In my own life I have researched such topics as Poliomyelitis. It great endeavor to doom, death, and life. Throughout time God has shown us the way to survival. He has given us such gifts as prevention against such a virus of Poliomyelitis, with his disciples at hand. In the following I will show you such miracles that God has given us.
Poliomyelitis, is an