Fearless: Art and Young Daring Girl Essay

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My Killer Shoes

For some girls, choosing an outfit for the next day of school can be a dreadful or an apathetic experience. I like to think that how we dress is a form of art. Dressing in my own unique way is like creating a painting in art class; it gives me freedom to express myself. Whether it is wearing a punk pair of platforms, or wearing a flamboyant dress from the 70s, I feel confident in my outfit because my style defines who I am, a young daring girl.
I remember when I purchased my first pair of unordinary shoes, spiked loafers. As a fashion enthusiast, I knew that no one would own a rad pair of shoes like those, so I had to purchase them. Already I was thinking about the school dress code, wondering if I could be punished for wearing shoes that could potentially harm another student. Despite the consequences, I decided to wear them to my first day of junior year. As I cruised through the hallway, indifferent to the environment around me, my close friend approached me unsettled. She questioned why anyone would ever wear a pair of shoes that I was wearing. Knowing that I understand and appreciate style, I did not care about what she had to say about my shoes. As the day progressed, I was fully aware of the bizarre looks I received from peers and faculty, but it did not matter.
Throughout junior year, my adoration for fashion deepened as I acquired more unusual pieces in my wardrobe for my daily attire. Because it became a habitual routine for me to experiment