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FEASIBILITY PROPOSAL potential slogans:
“cleaning your hangover away” Executive Summary –
Hangover Helpers LLC is an after­party cleaning service dedicated to helping our customers enjoy the party and leave the mess to us. Our target clientele broadly includes party hosts, ranging from college students to convert venue organizers. The Hangover Helpers team utilizes a blue ocean strategy in which it differentiates itself from other cleaning services by targeting new clientele, and acting as an “emergency dispatch” cleaning service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cleanup is quick, efficient, and just a phone call away! Our services offer cleaning surfaces such as carpet and upholstery, stain removal, pmaintenance of wood and tile, trash disposal and equipment organization. Unique and affordable package deals are available based upon area size and services offered.
Our company headquarters shares a home with the thousands of busy city­goers in the Greater
Philadelphia Area. The locality includes many universities, concert venues, apartments and homes, all of which can potentially benefit from our services. College students encompass a vast portion of our targeted clientele, making advertising on campuses a resourceful way of spreading company awareness. Additionally, advertising on billboards, in newspapers and magazines will spark customer interest.
The financial feasibility of launching this company promises a low­cost startup with potentially high net income. Cleaning supplies are relatively inexpensive, and many are reusable. Most of our costs will cover transportation and labor wages. With a relatively small team to begin with, we have estimated a monthly revenue of about $31,900 (gross sale) for the first year, based on anticipated package sales. A business plan and feasibility study has been conducted


addressing areas in Industry/Marketing, Service, and Financial analysis. Each aspect of the study, as will be discussed in detail, presents a positive and promising startup company worth investing in.

Business Concept – Hangover Helpers LLC is a cleaning service dedicated to making your party experience more care­free by providing after­party clean­up services to our customers.
Value Proposition – Hangover Helpers targets some of the busiest, messiest customers: party hosts. Unlike other cleaning services, Hangover Helpers are like an emergency dispatch cleaning service, ready to tackle large messes quickly and efficiently, to keep our customer’s buzz going throughout the morning after. Also unlike other cleaning services, we extend our services out to an array of localities from college dorm rooms to large party venues
, 24 hours a

day and 7 days a week.
Service Definition
– The Hangover Helpers team offers quick and efficient clean up services for after party clean­up. Our services include cleaning surfaces such as carpet and upholstery, stain removal, maintenance of wood and tile, trash disposal and equipment organization (clean and put away fold up furniture, beer pong tables, hookah pipes, tents (for outdoor venues), etc.).
Package deals are available if customer chooses to include pre­party setup service and decoration assistance. Hangover Helpers may provide party equipment such as furniture, and various specialty items upon request for a rental fee. Examples of events we attend to include: fraternity/sorority parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation parties, weddings, holiday events, concert venues, music festivals, and more.
Customer Definition – Our customers are those who wish to enjoy a total party experience with zero regrets (hopefully). Often times, a host cannot enjoy his or her own party to the extent of


the guests, and so our services cater to the host that wants to have his cake and eat it too! We extend our services out to any party host in need, with particular attention to the busiest of hosts