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Summary 3 Method of Study 3 Current System 3 Figure 1 4 Proposed System 5 Figure 2 6 Recommendation 7 Development Plan 8 Figure 4 8 Figure 5 9 Conclusion 9 References 10

This document will outline the feasibility of developing a new database application system for the candle company Lite Brite LLC in order to better manage inventory and more effectively allocate financial resources. Currently the information in question is not available in a centrally located area, but rather scattered throughout multiple spreadsheets in separate locations.
Method of Study The methods of study involved in creating this feasibility study were research regarding the professional management of data centers was done via various online resources and textbooks (both required and not) as well as a professional handbook of data center management (Snevely, 2000). In order to develop a more comprehensive system conducted interviews with the creative manager, the customer service managers and the business manager Current System As previously stated the company currently uses a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and actual paper based system. The organization is basic each manager keeps track of their own department most using paper filing system. They then submit their information biweekly to the business manager. Each main category is broken up into folders: Current Stock, Special Orders, Vendor Shows and Raw Materials. The Document is broken up into sub categories via tabs (either electronic spreadsheet or tangible paper). This data is updated bimonthly by the business manager via one laptop in a mater spreadsheet. The file is then saved to the hard drive of the device and on to a back up drive. The findings are recapped in the monthly business meetings and the entire report is available to the other managers (via email) at their request. See Figure 1 for a diagram of the present system.

Figure [ 1 ]

The Negatives of this current system: 1. Antiquated system 2. There is only one person who is responsible for all the data 3. Time consuming to weed through all that data 4. There is a lot of waste paper generated
Proposed System The proposed system will create Microsoft Access Database that will allow for a quicker analysis of date while allowing for the use of all date collected simultaneously. This will allow for faster data mining rates as well as alleviating the issue of an antiquated system. The Access Database will be housed on a company network that any manager can access and update his or her own section of company data files. Any manager at any time can query to quickly analyze data and generate their reports. The proposed system will create a basis infrastructure using a company network system by establishing LAN / WAN assets, as well as a MS SQL Server database server and a web server. This new system will solve all the problems that are plaguing the current system and create a basis for a more universal and user friendly platform. One that can be expended in much greater capacity as the company grows and new opportunities and company objectives unfold.

| Figure [ 2 ]

Recommendation The proposed system is highly recommended as a replacement for the present system of managing on the basis of a force field analysis that was conducted. See Figure 3 for this analysis diagram (Mind Tools, 2003).

Advantages of the system include:
 A universally accessible system
 No more individual generated reports
 The ability for multiple users
 The able to search and query data
 Going Green by going paperless.. |
Figure [ 3 ]
Development Plan The preliminary development plan to develop this new program is shown in the table below, with general steps named, along with the expected length of time, cost, and team members