Feasibility Study Of A Comprehensive Project

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I, hereby, declare that the Comprehensive Project report titled, “A FEASIBILITY STUDY ON PACKAGING INDUSTRY WITH RESPECT CORRUGATED BOX” is original to the best of our/ knowledge and has not been published elsewhere. This is for the purpose of partial fulfilment of Kadi Sarva Vishwa Vidhyalaya University requirements for the award of the title of Master of Business Administration, only.

Janak G Patel __________________________
Keyur R Savani __________________________

This project is written in accordance with the “Master of Business Administration” (MBA) program prescribed by KADI SARVA VISHWAVIDYALAYA, GANDHINAGAR.
The main objective of the project work is to develop student about industrial environment & business practice in order to develop a practical basis in them as supplement to theoretical study of the management.
Hence, this report is designed with the objective to gain knowledge and is undertaken on a Shipping industry. According to an old saying there is a huge difference between to say and to do. To take theoretical knowledge is important but it becomes more valuable when we apply it in the practice. So there is a huge gap between theory and practice.

This Project has been made possible through direct and indirect co-operation of the same person for who express my heart full gratitude.
First of all We are expressing our heart full gratitude to “KADI SARVA VISHWAVIDYALAYA” for providing us opportunity…