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The feature article “the devil wears witchery” focuses on publicizing the new book of former vogue editor Kristy Clements. In order to publicise and advertise her latest work, the article entertains and informs the audience of the secrets in her life and her career.

This article is mainly directed to fashion people, celebrity gossipers and all in all woman. It has been almost written to evoke sympathy from this selected audience to go and purchase the Clement’s book to find out more about her. Fashion jargon is extensively used throughout the article which suggests that the target audience is specific to those only interested in fashion such as cacharal flock to angora sweaters. These are colloquial terms that only a fashion interested person would be aware of.

This is a feature article as it holds true to many of the techniques found in feature articles. For example, the name of the author is specified in the beginning of the article in bold “Stephanie Wood”. Other things that hold true include the style of the article where there is an exclusive interview and conversation between Clements and Wood. There is also a large headline, which is somewhat an allusion to the Devil wears Prada. Instead, it reads the Devil wears witchery. There is also a use of a sub-heading which goes into further detail into what the article is about similar to many generic feature articles.

Wood also writes in a sophisticated style using a range of