Fed Up Essay

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Jacob Lehmann
English 100
25 February 2015
Word Count: 753 Fed Up

Is coke really killing us, or are we killing ourselves? In today's society, people are causing more harm to their body just becasue of what taste good rather then if it's healthy for the body or not. Fast food often brings you in with the mouth watering commericials or even the catchy slogans they use. Putting toys in kid meals and reducing prices lower and putting more meals on the infamous dollar menu. Little do they know, they're contributing to a big problem in america. Americans now days tend to look for the easy way out of things. So what do they do? The hed for fast food and get it on the go. Parents often work countless hours of work everyday and would like to come home and relax. With fast food being available and cheap, Americans often end up finding themselves in a drive-thru ordering food on the way home. I came to a conclusion that everything we eat isnt always what it seems. Companies now are changing up the makings of what goes into our foods tremendously as well as what they are feeding the animals we eat from. Starting at a very young age, cattle are seperated from their mothers so that the calf can get use to living and feeding on its own. Once a certain age and weight, the calf is then moved to a feed lot to where they have a strict diet to buff the cows up a lot faster as well as cheaper.Corn is a product now days to speed up the process into which the food will be consumed at your dinner table, as well as its the cheaper way to go. Companies need to start taking the American health into more consideration instead of whats gonna make them money the fastest. Fed Up put fast food companies and how it's effecting people into a much clearer picture. Food Business are just placing public profit over the public health. With this comes many disasters such as obesity. Obesity is sweeping the nation with 30% of Americans being obese. Others may not look obese but the fall under the category of "TOFI" which is being skinny on the outside but fat on the inside. As seen in the movie, Brady and his brothers went to the doctor and all got scans to measure body fat. The typical kid should be between 10-20% body fat but for Brady, he was found to have 47% body fat, with 60% of it coming in his stomach. The younger brother had normal results and the 12 year old having 22% body fat. The 19 year old brother had 28%. Three of the four were "skinny fat". I think this is shocking because I never knew you could be "skinny fat". With this problem, obese people look at people who aren't the same size and say to themselves "why can he/she eat that