Federal Government of the United States and Fuel Free Transportation Essay

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Personal Responsibility It is hard to live in America today. Unless one is born into a successful family or the family acquires a wealth of some sort, building yourself up from the ground in the greatest country in the world is a grind and a beatdown that needs an individual with persistence, dedication, and determination, and a little intelligence certainly doesn't hurt. Even then though, is that enough? In some, and becoming more frequently, cases, no. Having what I call the three D’s is pertinent to becoming successful, but let us first define what successful is. Today, successful means reaching goals and dreams that you set for yourself. We are not defining success in the worldwide term as having unlimited wealth, a fancy house, and luxury cars. No, today we are saying that if your lifelong dream is to save enough money to buy an alpaca farm and you finally do, the by-golly congratulations. You are successful. Now the three D’s are as follows, determination, dedication, and discipline. Having all three traits working towards the same goal nine times out of ten means that you shall succeed in your endeavors. But as we mentioned before, nowadays that is not enough, and increasingly so. But why is that? The basic explanation is because of the economy but there is much more than that. One example is where the individual is residing. All the skills and intelligence in the world means naught if there just isn't a market in their area. For example, having skills in the automotive industry and living in Detroit used to be a match made in heaven, but recently, not so much. Yes the economy is the reason for the drop in jobs in the Detroit area, but around the country, and the world for that matter, there are automotive destinations all over. With the world leaning towards a fossil fuel free transportation, the need for automotive minds to meet the energy efficient minds is skyrocketing. Now all the problems are so easy to remedy, such as relocating to a better market. Some problems arise within the Government. The American Government has