Federalism in the Philippines (Affirmative Side for Debate) Essay

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Dearly beloved citizens of the Pearl of the Orient:

Today we are gathered under one flag as citizens seeking for truth, transparency and justice in every side of our government. We are now in the new regime, waiting for him on how he will lead us on the right path towards better Philippines – for the enhancement of every filipinos’ life. It is faithfully pray to the Lord, that He may shower conscience to the citizens of this nation – to do their part for the betterment of our country. May this day the start for us to be a first world country.


Many of us are still struggling in the dancing discords of this nation. The negative
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ARGUMENT 2: Does federal form of government practical, necessary and beneficial to the country? If yes, how can every region survive on its own income?

Yes it is! The Philippines is well-known for its natural resources, that’s why it is called as the Pearl of the Orient. Each region is blessed of natural resources, which it can fully develop as their own. The Mount Diwalwal in Davao is blessed of plentiful gold. Aside from this gold mountain, Davao is also blessed with many fruit trees – that are good for exportation and enough for their own needs. The Palawan is blessed of gas oil – the bio-fuel ethanol which the government has a very slow development for it, because it handles by the national government. In Northern Luzon, aside from their natural resources, they are rich in culture, lots of tourist destinations, lots of fruit trees, rice plantations and vegetables. No doubt, even if this state is very far, it would be a competitive state. In Central Luzon, where I grew up, we have the Clark as our special economic zone, Subic Freeport, lots of tourist destinations especially in Zambales and Aurora, lots of fish ponds and lots of big entrepreneurs. This one can be called as one of the strong state of the country. These many resources that the two