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Workers understand that companies, at times, need to take drastic actions. The real issue is whether they see the company balancing its immediate business interests against how those decisions will affect employees and the long term business sustainability.
Labor relations is a broad field encompassing all the myriad interchanges between employers and employees. While labor relations is most often used to discuss this exchange as it pertains to unionized employees, it may also refer to nonunion employees as well. Labor relations are dictated in a large part by the government of a nation and the various regulations it provides regarding the treatment of employees.
The forming of a union can be a precarious situation for
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In fact, when conditions do improve and the labor market opens up, many of these employees will be looking for positions in other companies, especially in those companies that have reputations for stability and considerate treatment of employees in both good and tough times ( Noe, 2009). Employee morale affects every aspect of an organization’s culture from its mission to its competitive advantage. In truth, an organization’s unique culture, unique interests and unique problems, all may contribute to employee morale. Despite today’s turbulent environment, an organization’s continued business success depends upon employees’ daily commitment to utilizing their full range of knowledge and skills (Noe, 2009). Thus the question arises: What can management do to boost morale or sustain it during turbulent times? Assessing the organization’s climate is one way to begin. For example, are rumors about possible layoffs spreading throughout the organization? Perhaps there have already been some layoffs. Finally, has management held meetings to answer questions that will hopefully alleviate employee fears? If the answer to the latter is no, this is an important next step, for clearly effective communication is more important today than ever before. While communicating about the challenges that lie ahead may or may not ease employee fears, discussions about possible budget