Research Paper On The Fate Of Reading

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Although some may say that the fate of reading looks dim at best, it can be said that the fate of reading does not actually have a bad looking outlook at all. Even though the type of reading that teenagers are now doing is much different than the generations of past, it is still reading. Many teenagers have put down the paper books and newspapers that their parents are use to reading. Instead they have flocked to the internet where they are met with an abundance of resources that can be reached by the click of a mouse. By turning to the internet teenagers have not only found a new way of reading that is equal to the paper form, but one that some may say is even better then the paper form. Now our generation has access to not just one viewpoint like our parents had, but multiple viewpoints on one topic on just one page. We also have access to numerous different topics all at one time and are not confined to a single issue, as we are in a book. Yet still some purists say that the internet will never compare to a book or a newspaper. I say why is that. Just because the internet is something different and unusual why is it not as good or even better then a book or newspaper? The internet gives the reader access to numerous topics and numerous viewpoints, while books and newspapers can only give the reader a limited amount of views and topics. The article “The Fate of Reading” does a good job in showing the benefits and disadvantages of the internet when compared to