Fedex: Small Business and Fedex Essay

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Success Story of FedEx


Success story of FedEx
Ordering things online or over the phone is a common procedure today. Companies use different shipping companies to deliver items fast and safe. Postal office is one of the cheapest ways to ship packages and parcels, but with the Postal office you can’t always truck it. The Unites States Postal Services (USPS) not always provide customers with trucking numbers but it usually takes more time for receiver to get it. The company which achieve it success in shipping all kinds of freights, packages and parcels is FedEx. FedEx is known for its great rates, on time delivery and detailed trucking information. Below I would be talking about these great qualities of FedEx and why many businesses use their services.
FedEx services are being used because they are so massive that they have made the correct business moves that allow them to give a price that most companies can’t complete with. Another area that companies like is the flexibility in the pricing that is catered to each individual company. What I mean by this is FedEx looks at company shipping history and gives them pricing discounts on the amount of volume a company ships. They also tailor it to which method the company ships more of; weather is overnight air freight or standard four day deliver ground. For example, the company I work for uses FedEx services almost every day. We ship via FedEx all freight payments we make by using overnight delivery shipments. The checks we sent are for thousands of dollars, and with FedEx we never worry about them being delayed or being lost. Our company gets great discounts and FedEx representatives always willing to talk to their customers on lowering their rates. So it doesn’t matter if you are a billion dollar customer like Amazon or a small company in San Diego, CA, FedEx will give you the best possible price based on your volume shipments.
Reliability and guarantee on top of customers getting what they paid for, they get the assurance that their parcels will be handled with care and also be delivered on time. For a company there is nothing guaranteed, business is just a calculation of risks. If you take a manufacturing company for example, it may be able to control its manufacturing capabilities but not the logistics of getting the end products to its end user/customer, which is why it relies on FedEx to make sure that the logistical side of business is covered for them. FedEx has been able to build a logistical chain around the world that allows customers the confidence to trust them.
FedEx has also made it easier for customers to constantly track their packages. Being updated from every delivery point until it reaches its final destination with the technology they posses, it even allows companies the information of whom signed for it. Additionally, since