Fee Assessment Procedure For Applicants

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Fee Assessment Procedure for Applicants

The University determines the tuition fee status of a student in accordance with UK Government legislation. The Education (Fees and Awards)
(England) Regulations 2007 (Statutory Instrument No. 779) as amended by the Education (Student Fees, Awards and Support) (Amendment)
Regulations 2011 (Statutory Instrument No. 87) (“the Regulations”) state that students who are classified as 'overseas' may be charged a higher level of fee than those classified as 'home' or 'EU' students.


Our assessment of your status for the payment of university tuition fees is carried out independently of our assessment of your application to study here. The fee assessment process is the responsibility of the Fees
Assessment Officer in the Student Fees Office. If you have a query concerning your fee assessment, you should contact the Fee Assessment
Officer. If your query is concerned with the admissions process, please contact the admissions team which has been assisting you.


In line with the University's Diversity & Equality of Opportunity Policy, no applicant will be subjected to unjustifiable less favourable treatment on the grounds of their age, disability, gender reassignment, marital/civil partnership status, pregnancy or parental status, race or ethnicity, religious belief or non belief, sex or their sexual orientation or other unjustifiable reason. Our fee classification procedures are designed to ensure that applicants are treated wholly on the basis of rules of eligibility prescribed within the Regulations


The University uses a Fee Status Questionnaire to determine an applicant's fee status. If you are a UK national and have lived in the UK for your entire life then you would normally expect to be classified as a 'home' student and it is unlikely you will be asked to complete a Fee Status


If you are a national of any other country OR you have lived for a period of time in another country then you may be sent a Fee Status Questionnaire as part of the admissions process.


The University is unable to provide classifications, or indicative classifications out with the admissions process, in response to speculative enquiries by telephone or email,


Applicants who have been sent a Fee Status Questionnaire are defaulted to ‘overseas’ status until the University receives the completed
Questionnaire, and supporting documentation as necessary, in response.


You should submit your completed Fee Status Questionnaire for the attention of the Fees Assessment Officer by emailing your completed form

Student Administration and Support Division
Fee assessment procedure for applicants th Last revised: 14 February 2012

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with supporting documentation to feestat@liv.ac.uk or by posting your documentation to the address provided at the end of this procedure.

If you have been asked to complete your form but have not done so within
30 days then you will receive a reminder followed by an additional reminder every 30 days until the University receives your completed questionnaire. 1.10 If you believe yourself to be an ‘overseas’ student you should still complete the Fee Status Questionnaire and return this so that your fee status can be formally assessed.
1.11 Once your completed Fee Status Questionnaire has been received, the
Fees Assessment Officer will complete an assessment of your status for tuition fees. You may be contacted with a request for additional information, or documentation, to enable a fully informed decision to be made. 1.12 Should you omit any requested or relevant information or give false or misleading information at any point during the fee assessment process, including after the outcome of your fee status has been determined, then the University