Feedback: Education and Feedback Essay

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Teacher’s feedback has played a role in the learning process but also as a bridge of the teacher- student relationship. However, it seems that teachers and students value feedback in different ways. In this essay, show you what the feedback means with various sights and also explain how it affect to teachers and students with supporting reasons and references, exceed, It asserts why feedback is significantly essential to improve skills and capacities for both teachers and students particularly for their school life.
Hattie and Timperley’s (2007, p87) defined feedback as what teachers or lecturers suggest information or evaluation in terms of students’ performance or understanding, In other words , “consequence of performance”. It indicated that feedback is the marking of assessment by teachers. We normally realize things need to be improved by a feedback on tests or exams. (Row, 2010). According to the survey, that feedback established complete education. If we do not have feedback on tests, maybe nobody will seek knowledge eagerly in school especially for young generations who are not mature yet. Hence feedback is a critical part as it offers not only the lecturer with opportunities to deal with student’s academic advances on an individual level but also enables students to make more effort doing the subjects. , Another good example of feedback is that it works like an adviser. It links to the meaning of suggestions which need to encourage someone to cheer up to overcome the trouble. When we apply the feedback to the learning process, we are never reluctant the suggestions is like feedback and has the power to change people. For example, one student gets good marks with compliment any feedback from teacher, then the student will want more doing one’s best in order to do much better than before