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Marketing Plan
Jamaica R Webster
Marketing Management/500
February 15, 2015
Adina Scruggs

Marketing Plan
Branding, Pricing, and Distribution Strategy
Excel Tutoring Services will offer the best service to every family that we encounter may it be within the walls of our facility or via our website. Once we are contacted by a parent we will set up an appointment time in which we can talk about the issue and evaluate the child for free and find out what the child needs help with. We will then customize a personal learning plan for the child and go over the results of the assessment and plan with the parent. If the parent feels that they would like to go with our services then we will set up tutoring sessions for their child or children and began the learning process. If the child or children are coming afterschool we will provide a light snack for the child or children if they are hungry because most children are famished after school hours. Once the session is complete their tutor will input there feedback into their iPad and the information will be printed in a report for the child or children parents to review. We will make sure we are giving feedback to both the child and the parent to make sure everyone is kept in the loop of the learning process. When parents can see progress and their child or children feel like they are accomplishing their goals they will want to return and the parents will bring them back.
This should be on your first paper under the 4Ps section. I copied and pasted the Branding, Pricing, and Distributions.
Excel Tutoring Services is a tutoring service for all students from all types of backgrounds. We will find ways to accommodate all families in some type of way. We believe that education is important and it’s something that you must work for and when it gets hard where here to help. If a parent can’t bring their child in the facility they will have access to our online services which will allow their child to receive the help they need even if they are not located in the Memphis, TN area.
Marketing Strategy
Excel Tutoring Services will start out with five tutors who will each have 10 students. Within that first year we will employ 10 full-time tutors and 15 part-time tutors. Within the first year we would like to start with 50 kids and progress to 75 kids 2 years after opening. We will receive private funding and government funding to help run our company and pay employees. We plan on growing our business 25% each year by utilizing the appropriate pricing, distribution and promotional tactics. We will focus on our target customers and make sure they are highly satisfied with our services.
Implementation Strategy
All you doing here is stating the who what when where and how things are operated in order to reach your company goals. Such as the hiring process, steps taken to insure the student understand the understand the topic, who is in charge of what (money, running the website, follow ups)

Future Profitability and Market Share Growth
Here is where you will state how your company will grow in the next 5 years. Separate them like:
One year milestone:
Two year milestone:
So on until five years. The growth can include financial, added subjects, more tutors, memberships, location in other states. Social Media and/or Media Tools
This is just sites that you will use to get customers attention. You can use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any social medial site you know to get the attention of customers. Whichever 2 you use make sure to explain why you picked it.
Example: Facebook: With Facebook we can reach our targeted audience, create brand awareness and build brand loyalty expeditiously that is cost effective. We believe that this method is very efficient in keeping our current customers happy and also generating new ones. Millions of women has a Facebook account and it can be readily accessed (mobile, IPad and laptops). On Facebook we can…