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Ziting Wu
Muteib Alsubaie
Lucas Pedro

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Media Lab 1
Nowadays, Companies find the need to advertise their products everywhere. Some companies even advertise more than just products. The problem is advertisement annoys people. Nobody wants to be interrupted when doing something in the internet. In addition advertisement just pop out in our computer and it does not evaluate the age of the person who is using a computer, so some advertisements are not appropriate for all the people. Advertisements also can come as a virus and affect the computer system or even steal personal information like accounts in social networks or even steal credit card information. In other words, advertisements violate rights of people. In our point of view, we think that the best thing to fight back this problems is that the government must create a branch that deals with this problem. This branch will evaluate ifn a certain advertisement is acceptable to be on the internet and make sure that the advertisement company will not violate personal laws. This is wonderful. You have identified a real problem that we face in society today and you have identified those who would be most impacted by the change. Very well done.

1. Perceived consequences of the regulation.
First of all, our regulation will block all the fake advertisement. This These regulations will protect the consumer’s rights and there will be no personal information stolen. People will not be cheated on the internet by inexistent products or companies. Additionally, small and big companies will be at the same level because will go through the same process. On the other hand, advertisements will take a long time to be published because of the process of evaluation, and government will spend more money and human resources in this branch. Great job identifying the possible detriments (back effects) of implementing this. 2. Historical contingencies taken into account.
Politically, the law against identity theft is not effective and the government does not have a lot of intervention. In addition, people are prone to go with the flow of fake advertisements and are sometimes obliged to see advertisements that they do not want to see. Nowadays, people are losing a lot of information online and when they do, most of the time the authorities cannot solve the situation.