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What Makes a Teacher?

There are many differences between my interviewee, Alex Binder and I. For example, he has grown up and lived in the United States, and I have been grown up and lived in Korea most of my life. I then came to Kansas to become a full time exchange student. Also, as I am a full times exchange student and UMKC. On the other side Alex Binder is an economics professor at UMKC teaching Econ 201. What I learned is that he has more than a role of being a teacher.

The interview took place on an ordinary day with an ordinary man, named Alex Binder. He is economics professor at UMKC. In the beginning of the interview, he stated that he loved teaching his students and that it is very rewarding to teach what he is most interested in. Although it was very rewarding for himself personally, he also hopes that his students feel rewarded at the fact that they have learned something new. I then asked how his profession sees the best in people. He said, “I think to have high expectations of my students is a way of seeing the best in people.” Binder knows that his students are capable of meeting the expectations. He also believes that to have expectations and standards in people is a way of having belief in them. I then proposed the last question of how his profession emphasizes what is important to people. He replied by saying, “Being a teacher is more than teaching what pertains to the subject. Being a teacher can mean multiple things depending on how the teacher…