Feeling and Life Essay

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Society is unsatisfied. When a person feels unsatisfied he or she fills the empty gaps of life with materialistic items. These materialistic items offer a shelf life of happiness or fulfillment for an individual’s life. This further develops an endless cycle of not being able to fill an individual’s desires and is furthermore left in a constant rut of buying with no permanent satisfaction. Buying with temporary satisfaction makes the American dream incapable of ever being accomplished because it enables society of feeling fully fulfilled with the lifestyle and belongings that a person has in his or her life. As the lifestyle around an individual alters the opinions and desires of an individual change. Furthermore an individual is incapable of having a concrete level of satisfaction because of an endless cycle of new life events and education that grows and develops over an individual’s lifetime. Civilization is incapable of feeling satisfied with the necessities of life because a person’s desires and wants are continuously growing as a person matures and grows through life. The mind is the core to power in an individual. An individual’s personal fulfillment and satisfaction is achieved through a mindset of what is enough. This mindset allows an individual the capability to become fully satisfied with his or hers own life. A society “Painted in strokes of gold wherever we look “makes society imagine that anything and everything is possible if a human being believes it is possible (Zinsser). Satisfaction is not quantifiable by an amount but more by a feeling enveloped in the mind of the beholder. An individual is the only judge of his or hers full satisfaction and fulfillment in life because the only person that can feel the emotions of a person is that one individual. “The free development of each is the condition of the free development of all” because in every living body exist its own set of feelings and emotions that decides the choices that an individual should make in life (Marx/ Engels). Some situations such as the maturation of an individual