Feeling and Mary Street Essay

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Good morning/Good afternoon everyone

Today,i am presenting this speech to talk about the relationships and experiences shape an individual’s sense of belonging.

Belonging maybe presented in different forms, for example it can be a group of people you belong to or a place where you can feel comfortable and enjoy the happiness of that place.It is a feeling from the heart.

I had study two poems was written by Peter Skrzynecki. There are “10 Mary Street” and “Feliks Skrzynecki” They present different kings of belonging from different aspect to give an expression of belonging to people who read the poem.

First at all, i want to talk about the poem “10 Mary Street” that is where he had the first sense of home in Australia, because he had been living in a refugee camp where a number of people coming from everywhere but speak different languages, believe in different religions. In the poem author describes how his parents created a garden and they grew vegetables and flowers, they really enjoyed it. The author uses metaphor to describe the plants and flowers as adopted children. Can you imagine how much they love the garden? I think that must be the place where the author’s parents belong.
At the beginning of the poem, author describes the factory and narrow bridge around his house, and the factory aways burning down, it is brief and clear that was very unsafe when he went out the house however when he was at home and staying with his family that was totally different. It shows the family was the group he belong to.

Then, let’s talk about the other poem “Feliks Skrzynecki”, he uses his father’s name as the title of poem.He describes how his father works hard to buy a house and the time his father relaxed, but was confused about his father’s behavior and actions.For example his