Project Proposal For Inspirited By Miso The Street Artist

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Major projects design proposal topic1
Inspirited by Miso the street artist
Research: Miso pin-prick on paper tokoyo from memory everywhere I have been

Theme: nature is my friend all the materials are come from the nature, I require light pin and paper made by wood. My first choice was elephant but there is no need to present the skin of elephant so I decide to change the object to peacocks, which have beautiful feather and I can create the pattern of the feather by myself.
Develop the object: peacocks have beautiful feather some of the feather looks like fan and some looks like leaves, so I decide to make the feather more fantasy like leaves and fans. Which make the picture looks bigger and full but not to missive.
Refine the pattern: make the shadow and the vein of the leaves in simply way but make the liner looks comfortable and smooth.

Major projects design proposal topic2
Inspirited by lizardheng a artist from instagarm the silence of lamb poster (watercolour version)
Research: watercolour blooming silks how to control the watercolour make perfect tears

Theme: human emotions present in a different way, try some new silks to convy the tears, human emotions are complicated when you cry you may feel sad, happy or wronged, so our tears can be colourful with many different mood mixed in. That’s why I choose use watercolour to present the tears it get mix easily and more water I have put in the better the colour can be