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Health Scenarios
May , 5th , privacy 2011

Dear Susie , I think you should tell your parents if there not giving you privacy . Also you could talk to your brother/sister and tell them how you feel and ask them how they would feel if they didn't get there privacy . I understand why you might feel this way because you are growing up and going through many different changes that might not be so comfortable . You are become a lady and you want more privacy to yourself it's okay to feel this way most girls do .

Dear Annoymous , You are growing up and many things are changing like the way people act . You are properly at the age when boys are devoloping feelings for girls and you may not like it . If this so happens you can tell him/her to stop and tell them how you feel about this . Its okay if you dont like the feeling of the way your being touch to tell an adult as well . You might feel this way because you are not ready to be touch in some areas and you still are devolping when being touch in certain ways and how to respond.
Dear Jim , It's okay not to have feelings for girls yet . If you do not feel comfortable you should tell Michelle how you feel and tell her your not ready yet . I understand you feel this way alot of boys do and its okay to tell the person how you feel .
Dear Michael , If you like this girl Jenny then ask her to the dance ! If you really like Jenny then you would put away all your fears and ask her . Dont be scared she properly wants