Felines: Cat and Fur Types Essay

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One of the many amazing animals that can be found in the world is the well known felines. Felines can either be domesticated or wild, depending of the nature, breed, and livelihood of it. In this world, there are over 100 types and breed of cats known to us. In this essay I, Kankri Vantas, will tell you more about these fascinating animals such as habits, anatomy, and fur types in these next few paragraphs.

Felines have many habits that enable them to become the graceful and wonderful animals that the are. Firstly, they have the worldwide fact of rubbing your legs while weaving in between them. This is because they are demanding attention to either: Get food, want you to pet them, clean the litter box, get you to fix the walls and curtains or something along those lines. Secondly, they have a habit of sleeping in the sun. They do this to warm their cold, lonely hearts. Not only that, but it is comforting and lovely, bringing a sense of happiness to them. Lastly, a fact that is not well known is that their urine has special chemical properties, that in fact glow in the dark. Im not sure why this is such or why nature decided this, but it has been confirmed by my friend who actually owns 20 cats.

The anatomy of the cat is a strange yet beautiful thing. They have specially modified ears, which the triangular shape allows them to receive and direct wandering sound waves into the ear canal, and processed into their brain. This helps them to listen out for any prey or predators lurking about, giving them a edge for survival. Not only that, but they do not have any collarbones. Without them, they can now squeeze through any hole they find, as long as it is larger than the size of their own head. Felines also have retractable