Female Characters in ,, Hero of Our Time” by Lermontov Essay

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Summary: In his novel Hero of Our Time, Lermontov portrays the main character Pechorin as a man whose [pic]character was built on the defects of an entire generation in which the author lived. Female characters play a large role in the novel, as they reveal more of Pechorin's [pic]nature, his state of internal peace, and his inability to return love.
The novel "Hero of Our Time", written by M. Lermontov in 1839-1840, is the first realistic prosaic psychological and philosophical work in the Russian literature. The novel was written after the crushing defeat of December uprising. In his novel, Lermontov was drawing the portrait of a man of that epoch, i.e., the hero of his
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[pic]Princess Mary is clever and well read, she is a noble and morally clean. She is very romantic by her [pic]nature, moreover naive, since she is still young and very inexperienced in the love affairs. Pechorin, who is very good in people characters, and especially in the women, immediately understood the essence of Mary. He knows that she is very interested and pleased by the mysterious ways men amuse her. She was very interested in Grushnitsky and his magnificent phrases, but then she got tired of him and her attention was switched to Pechorin. He appeared to her as a hero, so unlike any other. Pechorin, without knowing why, tries to entice young girl, and she being naive and inexperience, falls in love with him. On an example of [pic]Princess Mary, Lermontov shows Pechorin's passion to rule above the other people. The idea of someone loving him excites Pechorin, but to the people who loves him it brings only suffering. We see that "young soul" of Mary is not capable of waking up a sincere feeling of love in the main hero, and he is completely indifferent of her naive love for him.
The second heroine in the "[pic]Princess Mary" - Vera, plays a large role in the disclosure of the true [pic]nature of the Pechorin. She is the only [pic]female [pic]character that is compared but not contradicted with the main hero. Her [pic]character is pictured very unclearly: Lermontov [pic]does not describe