Female Circumcision Essay

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A diverse array of traditional, religious, and cultural customs is practiced cross-culturally throughout the world. Female circumcision, also known as Female genital mutilation, or female genital cutting is a custom that has sparked controversy among many people belonging to other cultures not accustomed to the practice. They have presented the question of whether female circumcision is a practice that should be advocated or even allowed at all. My view is that the notion of basic human rights and gender equality strongly oppose this procedure and even though it may be accepted in many cultures, it should be prevented, especially due to the high health risks it poses for females who undergo this circumcision. Its imposition on children …show more content…
Many of these people view female genital mutilation as something positive. Due to this, it is probably harder to eradicate female genital mutilation since the majority of the community supports it. Those who agree with female genital mutilation defend it by saying that it reduces sexual desires and promiscuity, upholds cultural traditions, reduces vaginal discharge, and prevents pre-natal mortality. In many villages, female genital mutilation is seen as a rite of passage. Most of the men say they would not marry an uncircumcised woman as circumcision “guarantees the brides chastity”(Shaw.685). It is a symbol of “social-significance” among women.
Although female genital mutilation is most commonly present in African countries, it is also highly prevalent among people belonging to the religion of Islam. Boyle, Sonora, and Foss present the issue of whether Islam requires female circumcision. female genital mutilation is not is not stated as a requirement in the Qumran, which is the sacred texts of the Islamic religion. In addition, female genital mutilation predates the founding of Islam and is not practiced in the majority of Middle Eastern (where most of the Islamic population resides). Even though many Islamic leaders support female genital mutilation and it is viewed as a form of family honor and female chastity among the Muslim culture, most Muslims do not see it as a requirement of religious tradition. There is