Female Genital Mutilation Essay example

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Female Genital Mutilation
Kristhell Meza
Jane Gagliardi
Seminar in Human Services HUS 250

Female Genital Mutilation
This research paper covers one of the practices prevailing widely in different parts of the world. This practice relates to the partial or complete removal of the female organs. Removal of these parts may include many reasons but all these reasons are not related to heath in any way. According to WHO, this practice is spread throughout the world however; this is most predominant in specifically 28 countries of the world.
Most of the world organizations condemn this ill practice on the context that this practice is carried out in the very young age and in some cases, the affected person is not even aware of the procedure. This not only affects the health of the person but also disturbs one’s position in the society. Such people are isolated to a different group which is easily distinguishable among many. It is a wide spread view that this practice is not by choice but only by enforcement.
Although the practice is condemned by many organizations in the world however, some sectors of the society still support this ill practice. This is the reason that practice still prevails even after the criticism. People in favor of this practice argue that its one’s right to take care of her body parts. Removal of any body part is up to one’s choice and no other person has the right to interfere in this.
This paper discusses all the