Female Suicide Bombers Essay

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Female suicide bombers

1- Overall Psychology, Anthropology & Sociology perspective.
Psychology: Could the thinking of group of people change or influence the mental thinking of the others? If Palestinians were raised to have the idea in their minds that Israel is the enemy, would it be hard to raise a child not believing so in a society that think the opposite?

Sociology: Why are the societies easily manipulated? How come the hatred for a group of people affect the society and the people who grow up in it? Are the efforts of a member of society is now thought to be useless if it’s not backed up by other people? By that, does it mean, I as an individual could been fought against if I had the belief Israel is not an enemy?

Anthropology: Could getting people closer together by spreading religion, and making them religious result in having less people who are willing to do suicide bombings? Could the culture itself evolved in a way and became the reason that made the act of suicide bombings seem so normal that it is no longer called suicide but dying for a cause?

2- More, and more women are ready to die. Is this an extreme form of equality?
I think it’s not an extreme form of equality looking back on how these women who were suicide bombers were treated. Many of them that were married has been treated badly by their husbands, often married at young age, brothers beating them up, marrying to a cousin, and having as well a husband that takes all kinds of freedom from you , and on top of that beating you. When the only hope you could get is from your own people in your community, and family, and finding that these people actually disagrees with you, and sees what men or husbands d are right and women has no choice except to listen, is usually what leads to them taking different routes with their lives that could make them more important to people, and be noticed for bravery job. The only thing they were offered in order to achieve their, and help them out, was being recruited and become suicide bombers and become one of the heroes that country have ever seen. They take this route to prove to men that not all men are responsible for saving the country, but women also can play a huge role in this. They can become like them, kill targeted people, and show their worthiness. An example of that was Waffa when she replied to Yassin Arafat’s call that women should also play a role in defending the country, and she became the first person to accept the call, and go on a suicide mission and became a martyr thinking this would give women equality and worthiness.

2- Is religion or redemption the greater motive?
I think the greater motive is redemption, religion has nothing to do with the suicide bombings. Religion condemns suicide bombings and killings of innocent people. Many of the suicide bombers appeared to be not religious, but however they have gone through personal issues along with their family and living conditions. For example, the girl who became a suicide bomber because her father got a job for the Israeli construction fair, and everyone in her community called him a traitor, so her suicide could have been an act of redemption to clear the family name, as well other personal issues she had with her family. Another example could be the act of redemption associated with the female