Feminism And Pop Culture Analysis

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The writing assignment will be based on the reading of Feminism and Pop Culture from week 7. In this reading there is one section that caught my eye and it was the “Real Women and Beyond: Advertising’s New Feminism” because these advertisements are everywhere nowadays. The advertising of new feminism does not show the typical skinny perfect body like those of the Victoria Secret models, but it shows the typical women figure that are curvier and that have a little extra weight on them. Not every woman looks like a supermodel and the majority of the beauty products ads are targeted to females. Different companies have veered away from the thin models figures and have focused on the typical women. In the chapter author Andi Zeisler talked about a film called Onslaught that brought attentions to the Dove Self-Esteem fund, which is part of a Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. Dove launched the campaign in September of 2004 with the purpose of this campaign is to celebrate the views of women’s body. In a study, Dove found the only two percent of women find themselves beautiful. Dove …show more content…
Zeisler explains that pop culture tries to tell how to dress, what to drive, how to treat people, whom to date, and whatever pop culture will tell the audience it will. Since the pop culture has a tremendous influence on today’s society them it should focus its attention to feminism and feminist activism. It seems that pop culture has impacted society especially in television shows that have strong female shows. These show are Scandal, Orange is the New Black, How to get away with Murder, Quantico, and other shows. Even though the media has these television shows that push feminism, there are also commercials and shows the represents women as objects. It is difficult for the push for a goal when there are obstacles that are pushing against it. This is exactly what pop culture is doing by playing both sides of the