Feminism In Chaucer's Tale

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Feminism has been an ongoing problem throughout past generations and continues to be in today’s society. Women have been viewed as “less worthy” and “weaker” compared to men. Men have been known as the “dominant one”, men are the one’s who have all the control and power. For example, men were known to have greater power politically, higher economic status, and total control in relationships as well. In the tale “The Wife of Bath”, written by Geoffery Chaucer carnal love is an example of feminism.
To begin with, in Chaucer’s tale, “The Wife of Bath” feminism is one of the many problems that occurred during the Middle Ages. The idea of men being the hierarchy opposed to women is something that has been placed into people’s mind while growing up. It has been said throughout generations that men are the one’s who obtain all the power and that women have little to no control. For instance, in the
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While growing up children have been taught “gender norms”, these gender norms give children an idea of who they are and how they are similar or different to the opposite gender. For instance, parents teach their children that girls are allowed to cry but boys are not. This then creates the idea that women/girls are sensitive and that men/boys are tough. Another example is that parents teach their children that boys are required to play sports while girls are required to join a dance team. Parents place these stereotypes in children's minds, therefore when they grow up they have this certain “whats masculine/whats feminine” mindset. This type of mindset then creates problems later in life when men and women are in the same interest such as: politics, economic statuses, and various other things. For instance, in the year 1920 women were officially given the equal right to vote. Women are still fighting for the equality between men and women, they will continue to until there is complete equality between both