Feminist Lens In The Skating Party

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The Feminist lens closely examines how women are portrayed and presented in comparison to men within literature. When analysing the story “The Skating Party” by Merna Summers through a Feminist lens, it becomes evident throughout the text that women are weak, helpless and cannot fend for themselves. As a result, they are incomplete without a man by their side. This is clear when analyzing how Nathan Singleton retells the tragic love story to his niece and describes the way he perceives Delia Sykes.
Unlike other girls, Delia Sykes is independent, free and does not respect the traditional expectations women follow. When Nathan meets Delia, he explains that he falls in love with her from the moment they meet. He is enticed by her independence and her unusual behaviour, unlike that of other women. He
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Although he is attracted to her sense of freedom, he believes that independently, Delia is unable to control herself and her behaviour. He continues by describing his love for Delia and he expresses his uncertainty about whether she feels the same way about him. He mentions, “I don’t think she knows what she wanted” (195), suggesting that although Delia appears to be independent and defies the standards set for women, she is indeed lost and helpless in her life. She cannot determine what she wants and what she needs. Afterwards, he recounts the incident when Dobson Sykes buys a new saddle pony and Delia wants to ride it. Although Dobson refuses because he does not know how broke and safe the horse is, Delia disobeys and rides the pony in the yard. Dobson’s refusal illustrates a clear example of how women are believed to be not as capable and strong as men. Nathan further proves this idea as he states, “She didn’t break her neck, which was a wonder” (198). He is surprised that she did not hurt herself; clearly suggesting women are perceived to be weaker than men. Finally, the tragic incident at the engagement party once again