Fences And The American Dream

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September 2, 2013
1st period

The American Dream
In the play, Fences, Troy Maxson is an African American baseball player. He is trying to help pave the way for other African Americans to play the game of baseball. The play is set in the 1950's in Pittsburgh. Troy's dream of being a professional baseball player is halted. He then pursues another job to help support his family. He doesn’t think he is worthy enough for his job. Troy also thinks that he does not belong in the world he lives in.
Troy thinks that he didn't get drafted because he was black. Other people think that it was because he was too old, and couldn't keep up with the other players. Troy then became a garbage man. He worked hard everyday, then he got a promotion he didn't think he deserved. Troy was the best baseball player in his time. People weren't ready for baseball to get integrated to much yet. The African American people wanted to be able to live the American dream, and pursue happiness in life.
African American in the 1950's still weren't allowed to work, go to the bathroom, etc with white people. The world wasn't treating everyone equally and letting everyone be together. White people already had the American dream, but they didn't let other races have the opportunity to live it. All African Americans would do everything together. There was even a baseball league that was just meant for African Americans.
This pursuit of the American Dream, is not without a struggle. Troy cannot see a generation doing more