Fences Symbolism Essay

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Characters: Troy is the main character, Lyons & Cory are his sons, Rose is his wife, Gabe his brother, Bono his friend and co-worker, Mr. Rand his boss, Alberta his mistress, and Raynell his daughter

Major Themes: Some of the major themes of Fences include the aspects of a African-American man living his life amidst the civil rights era. The racism that follows it as well as the showing the tough choices as a parent that Troy makes.

Symbols: one of the symbols in this play is that of fences, they symbolize barriers, such as keeping people in his life and out of his life. Another symbol in this is the aspect of baseball and sports in general, to Troy they symbolize something that was not taken from him as he couldn't compete in the MLB so he blocks his son from trying to pursue his football career

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That's what Papa used to say." - Cory quoting Troy

This is significant because this is the ending of the play when Cory is talking with Raynell and it is a reminiscing moment where Cory talks about their father and he comes to terms with him and goes to the funeral.

"Some people build fences to keep people out and other people build fences to keep people in. Rose wants to hold on to you all. She loves you."

This is significant because this is a moment in the play where Bono is talking to Troy and Cory about reasons for building fences and its a symbol of Troy keeping thing together by keeping his family in but also keeping things out like his affair


Act One: In scene one the play opens with him talking to Bono about a story from work and wanting to get the job of driving the truck despite not having a licence. We learn of his son, Cory, has been recruited by a college for football. This sparks the incite into Troys past of being a baseball player in the Negro League because he wasn't allowed to play in the MLB. He expresses that he doesn't want Cory to play football but to learn