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To me, feng shui sounds like superstition to an extent because in the article it says, "Feng shui means wind and water, and it represents all the forces that can change a landscape or affect human fortune." Rearranging an environment can't cause better fortune. Only your hard work can. I can understand that having a cluttered desk can affect your work ethic but the fact that where your couch is has a correlation to your fate. I also understand the part of elements coexisting with each other but it sounds like nonsense when they said that two opposite elements cause negative energy. Some strengths of feng shui are that if you arrange the elements in your home correctly, your fate can be changed for the better. The elements fire, water, earth, metal, and wood have their specific "creative sequence" which can create harmony in your house. People believe so much in feng shui that people and businesses do not build homes or facilities office building without consulting a geomancer skilled in the practice of feng shui. A weakness in feng shui is that greed is corrupting what is actually feng shui. In some villages, the government is paying the people who stand up for their houses with bad feng shui due to construction projects. In Indian culture, there is a similar feng shui related custom called Vastu. Instead of having different objects in relation with each other, objects should be facing proper direction. For