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Emily Janowski 12­6­14 5th Period Ferguson Reaction The Michael Brown case has caused a lot of controversey around the United States. Riots and protests have broken out all over the country. It all started when a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black man. Of course this is a tradegedy that someone died, but the real reason chaos occurred was because of racial tensions. In Ferguson, most of the population is African American and the police roll is made up of mostly white citizens. Before the shooting even occurred, there was a lot of conflict over race in the city. This tragic event happened to be the instigator of all the riots and protests. After the information about Michael's death was released, the whole city went amok. The government had to bring in the national guard to calm everyone down. Things started to die down, but after the indictment was released it was even worse after the incident. The police officer who shot Brown was not indicted, but he resigned a few days later.

After the indictment, people demonstrated their feelings all over the country by having die­ins.

is where people lie all over the floor pretending like they are dead. Some have gone around holding their hands up in surrender. The St. Louis Rams player protested in this way before a game. Although this situation has resulted in the death of a black person, I feel like the main

problem that everyone