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Internet Recruiting and Telecommuting, Research Paper
Fernando Moscoso Amador
Kaplan University
1403D; GB520-A
Professor Susan Pettine
June 5, 2014


This paper

Introduction Technology is an important part on the development in an organization and can improve the results of it, internet has change the way companies conduct business, including how they attract and recruit employees, as a result online recruitment has become a major internet business tool (Borstorff, Marker and Bennett, 2005). With globalization and the expansion of companies around the word the need of new and innovative ideas to work are need, telecommuting is an import alternative that allows employees to work from a distant place with flexible schedules and increasing productivity and employees commitment toward the company.

Online Recruiting The introduction of new technologies in the daily basis has help to achieve better result for companies, having the opportunity to access more information and to have faster than ever, also for Human resources the alternative to use technology has opened a wide range of opportunities to find the right employee and that fits exactly with what the company needs it.
Since the origin of the Human Resources Information Systems before World War II organizations became more aware of the importance of human capital using that information to recruit, train, and maintain employees with the possibility of create records of each employee.
Every organization uses the system in a different way but the most important parts to use it is for reduce cost, facilitate communication, and in some cases to re-orient HR operations to increase the department’s strategic contribution (Sadiq, Farred, Ikhlq and Mujitaba, 2012, p79), this helps the organization to make better decisions, implement new strategies, and have better control over benefits, bonus or other records of employees.
As technology continues to advance, organizations are challenged to discover innovative methods of attracting, obtaining, and developing individuals with a simplistic approach that makes applying and training effortless and available any time of the day (Revels and Morris, 2012), the role that the people from Human Resources has over the different processes is very important to create a relationship with the possible candidate to understand the skills, knowledge and experiences that the job seekers have and what is needed for the job.
With new technologies the process of finding the right people for the job has become more easy with the use of different tools such as the company website, or specialized web pages that offer a wide variety of candidates to choose from, the use of internal or external recruiting sources like employees referrals, or internship is a good way to find people but with the use of the internet the variety of options is bigger and companies are not close to find new employees only from a certain area but from all over the world.
The internet has dramatically changed the ways that companies and job seeker think about the recruitment function (Feldman and Klass, 2002), most of the companies are using Internet to find need job alternatives or finding the right candidates to fill a position, some studies shows that people that is constantly looking for a new job in the internet is because doesn’t feel good in its actual job and is looking for something better, this is not a bad thing because gives the possibility to both the company to notice that something wrong is happening with in the organization and have the possibility to change a create a better commitment from employees, and for jobs seeker the possibility to look around for different alternative that can represent a new challenge or that can better suit their needs is very important.
Effective online recruiting process increase firms competitive advantage through increased efficiency and lower cost, and offers benefits and opportunities to…