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Stategic Planning For Small Business -­‐ 631

Introduction Fernz restaurant is New Zealand based small business located in the inner city suburb of Auckland only 15 minutes drive from the city center. Unlike any other restaurant, Fernz has developed niche expertise in catering weddings and special events for its customers. Although they also provide regular lunch and dinner menus but they specialize in catering special events. Their core business areas are weddings, celebrations, meetings and private functions. With unbelievable food and attentive, professional service, their customers are the focus of their attention. They have a variety of settings to choose from for weddings, ceremonies, celebrations and private functions. Fernz restaurant focus on giving the customers a memorable experience of lifetime. (Fernz Restaurant)

1. Values and Beliefs With in any organization or business, values and beliefs are the guiding principals that play very important role in building strategic intent and forming commitment. For example these values and beliefs can be: • • • Providing opportunities for employees’ development and self-realization. Creating a safe and healthy working environment. Working for the improvement of the natural environment.

In order to develop a strategic plan for Fernz Restaurant, following values and beliefs are identified and discussed in detail. a. Ethics Ethics represent a set of principles prescribing a behavioral code that explains what is good and right. Ethics are a system of moral duty and obligation. These codes cover multitude of subjects. Moreover, Ethics guide the decision-making process and behavior within a company.

Zeeshan Ahmad

DB -­‐ 313

Stategic Planning For Small Business -­‐ 631

By considering the following ethical values and beliefs, Fernz restaurant can raise restaurant industry standards and can create positive image to the public and its customers. Core ethical values and beliefs for Fernz restaurant are: • • • • • • Treat customers honestly, fairly and objectively. Avoid unfair and deceptive practices. Always present the business in an honest and straightforward manner. Treat customers in way, as you would like to be treated. Be truthful about the condition of a food and service. Treat your employees fairly and with respect.

b. Social Responsibility Being a part of healthy and friendly society any business or organization can play “Make a difference” role in the society. Social responsibility consists of obligations a business has to society, for both altruistic and material reasons. These practices might not appear very profitable in short term, but these practices ensure positive public image, grab more customer attention and turn into profits on long-term basis. These social obligations extend to many different areas. By identifying following social responsibility values, Fernz restaurant can make difference for itself, for its customers and for the society in which it operates. These social values are: • • • • • • • Recycling of every single possible recycle able item including recycling of packaging of raw materials, boxes and decoration material. Minimizing the waste of food. Minimizing the use of fresh water as well as wastewater. Minimizing the use of electricity. Fair business practices, focusing on employment and advancement for women and minorities. Designing menus suitable for customers of different cultures and beliefs. Promotion of employees’ health and safety, professional trainings and career counseling.