Fertile Cresent cultures Essay

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Ancient cultures from the Fertile Crescent (also commonly referred to Mesopotamia), has left us with more things that we take into consideration.
The Phoenicians is one of the more heard of groups, being known well for their trading routes and their relations with Greece and Egypt. But another interesting yet beneficial fact is that they also created the alphabet. It was later modified and made better with Greek influence, which is the backbone of our main languages. Without the alphabet, we might still be drawing pictures of cave walls and we probably wouldn’t be as advanced as we are today in our technology.
The trade routes of the Phoenicians were located between Byblos and Tyre in the place that is now commonly known as the Middle East (part of Asia). They made and sold pottery, wood, slaves and something that the Greeks craved in their society….Tyrian Purple Powder. This made it easy for the Greeks and eventually the Romans, to dye their royalty’s and government official’s clothes.
The Babylonians are another people well known by historians as the people that made one of the 7 ancient wonders: The Hanging Gardens.
King Nebuchadnezzar built the Hanging Gardens for his wife Amyitis, who was a daughter from the king of Medes. She was probably homesick and it was thought that the gardens would provide comfort and happiness to Amyitis. The reasons behind the happiness was that where she was from, there were mountainous and a lot of vegetation. But in Babylon, it was arid and lifeless.
Babylon is also known for the writing down of rules and laws, more commonly referred to as the Law Code of King Hammurabi. It’s the first culture known of today that kept records of laws for the kingdom. The first ones were carved on black stones that