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Guilherme Frias
March 1st
(The Core) “Movie”
The Fervent Core The movie, The Core, shows an impossible mission in which six specialists decide to make a trip into the core of the Earth, willing to save humanity. The Earth's core has stopped spinning. The magnetism of the Earth was deteriorating and directly affecting the Earth’s protection from the Sun. Birds began acting crazy, powerful thunderstorms were occurring, and the world was literally stopping. People were frequently and simultaneously dying at the exact same time from an unknown reason.
In order to complete this so called impossible mission, studies were made and also a fortune was invested on this project to succeed. Their idea was to restart the flow of the Core which had stopped and consequently changed the way the Earth works to protect itself. The scientists built a ship which was made of an indestructible material. This ship could handle and support a temperature higher than 9,000 degrees. The indestructible ship had the power to cut through the Crust and the Mantle, reaching the Core. It would take the specialist about 3 entire days to reach the core, since they have to travel 2,000 miles. The group’s goal is to go around the core dropping powerful bombs so they could be exploding simultaneously making the movement restart. The specialists were successful on their mission even though they lost some members of their crew. The Earth’s behavior responded right away going back to its normal routine of…