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The Mathew street Festival is an event organized in the city center of Liverpool basically in the street with the same name. It is a common area of enjoy and party with a lot of pubs within the same street.
The huge development and influx of people who every single year come to Liverpool to assist to Mathew Street festival made the organization looking for other locations outside the city, the organization keeping the same idea of the Mathew street festival but in outdoor places.
The new locations are the Pier Head and Sefton Park which are two very beautiful places close to the city center and with enough facilities to organize an event with this magnitude.
Two outdoor stages located at the Pier Head which will include a tribute to the Beatles and their musical legacy. Programmed by Mathew Street Music Festival Directors Bill Heckle and Dave Jones, it will be a mixture of cover acts and original artists.
The other location is Sefton Park for an evening of live music in the stunning surroundings of one of the city’s most popular green spaces. The opening of the festival is the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and chief conductor Vasily Petrenko taking to a brand new stage in Sefton Park for an evening of live music in the park.

Social aspects
The citizens of Liverpool and overall the people who lives close to Mathew street appreciate the new format and the new location of the event.

The idea of moving the Mathew street Festival outside the city center is basically focus the festival more in the music and with the intention to take out the street the noise, traffic, rubbish, and the problems caused by the people and their excess with the alcohol. These collateral damages plus the expected savings in the budget for this year (which is more than the 40% from 2012) make that the mythical Mathew Street Festival will be replace and rename by International Liverpool music Festival. (http://www.sevenstreets.com/events-and-attractions/rip-mathew-street-festival/)

Technologies aspects
The research funding from the Liverpool council was quite helpful because it will be help with funds from the Arts Council England and not just from the Liverpool council. This was before the only investor.
The changes in the technological environment of the festival are clearly identified when the organization wants to change the location from the city center to others allocated outdoor.
Some of the replacement technology/solutions are the stages. The organization can spend money in the last technologies trends like audiovisuals and giant screens but always being realistic with the budget, at the same time the new locations force the organization to invest in more sound power for this performance in the open air spaces.
The technology advances in the global