Festival of Misrule Essay

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Well boy ole boy, do I have a story to tell. I was recently elected as the president of this years festival of misrule day. Which basically asks me how I would have school ran for one single day. Tons would change. Things such as: solicitation during hard economic times, revoking senior trips during times of which families cannot pay 'dues', and taking credits over missing school.
I do not believe in solicitation. I think it is wrong to try to sell stuff to people that is highly over priced especially in bad economic times. It is simply too much to ask for, because people tend to be very polite and generous towards fundraisers and typically buy something even if they don't have the money for it, putting them in a bind. Which I agree schools need fundraisers, but ours does way too much it seems. Especially compared to the size of our school. Which only hurts the small economy of the little establishment of Crothersville because we take hard earned money and spend it elsewhere where it isn't recycled through our town. Which while I run the school, this wouldn't happen. Dues are horrible, not only can they ruin a students experience to get out and see things in life, but they also cause stress. Like I said before, I do not believe in salicitation. Which if you don't sale items, you get fined and those fines are added to your dues. Which will keep piling up constantly, into an outrageous amount. I owe around $1,000 and that was with working all of my games my junior year, that's crazy. I know people will say "well you should've sold in the fund raiser then." Well as I've said, I have beliefs, and morals, and respect. I don't want to be presented with the opportunity of someone possibly losing their home because they bought this outrageously priced sausage that they couldn't afford in the first place. That's a lot of guilt, in my personal opinion. Missing school is way too strict. Humans are not anywhere close to perfect by any means. We are allowed to miss anywhere from 7-10 days total before they start taking serious actions as to trying to ‘contain’ us from missing school. One of those ways happens to be taking credits away for that semester. This action actually was used on me earlier this school year. They took away all of my credits that semester because I missed too many days, causing me to fall even further behind in school than what I was from missing. So now I have to pay even more money to pay for credit recovery just so…