Feudalism and Long Term Consequence Essay

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Do you think that labourer should have been hanged?
Some people believe that the labourer was punished fairly by hanging for the violence and riot that occurred. This is because it cost the government a vast amount of money and their actions halted the growing economy. This would effect the whole population and the chance of an industrial revolution because if the labourers were too busy burning machinery then there wouldn’t be enough people to do factory jobs so there would be less investment. In addition the French revolution was proceeding and with the victory the republicans having defeated the royals the English parliament thought that the swing rioters may try to have and English revolution and end up with the kings head on and axe. If there was and English revolution then the traditional way of the feudal system would change and the wealthy who would originally invest in the small businesses would not have the ability to do so therefore forbidding the chance of an industrial revolution because if there is no investment there is no growth. The royals were now in fear and by looking how the French royals controlled or dictated the riots they worked out that a harsh punishment shall set and example to all rioters and put the labourers back in their place. With out the harsh punishment what was a bloodless riot would have turned into a very bloody revolution like the French and the harsh punishment prevented bloody riots and the chance of a revolution. As a result of the cruel punishments the wealthy, noble men and the royals benefited because their position, power and wealth remained with them continuing the established feudal system and class. The beliefs of a revolution were very new and unappealing to those in the higher class and the harsh punishments show that their beliefs of the separation of classes would remain. The swing riots also benefited the establishment of the industrial work and the industrial revolution. It also contributed vastly to establishing our important cities which is another long term consequence as the migration of farm labours to the city was permanent. Another reason is that the riots will take the role of the government and stop progress; as the government are wealthy and they know people that are wealthy if the labourer disturbs, harm or off puts them in any way many businesses will be reluctant to invest in small shops or trade so progress will halt and my have cancelled Britain’s success to conquering a fifth of the globe and the industrial revolution.
Other people believe that the labourers shouldn’t have been hanged. One of the reasons is that the labourer was not able to carry out his responsibilities to his family. This made the labourer very angry and frustrated to send a message of the desperation to the government he took part in the swing riots. He had tried every other option that was peaceful and legal and it got him to no solutions. Queen Elizabeth the first toughened the law against begging therefore he couldn’t beg and when he went to the parish they gave him very little support him and his family so they sent him to the work houses where he and his family would be separated. Then he begged to the